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5 Questions When Consulting With a Criminal Defense Lawyer

You must be going through a lot if you have been charged with a crime. Having an experienced and capable lawyer on your side will make a huge difference. Not only will you experience a little mental and psychological relief. But it can make a big difference in the ordeal’s outcome. The first step to dealing with the situation is consulting with a lawyer. There are many criminal law experts in Brampton. But the initial consultation should determine whom you hire. When consulting with a criminal defense lawyer, ask these five questions to determine if they’re right for your case.

consulting with a lawyer

What are your professional and educational qualifications?


It is important to hire someone with the right credentials for the job. Hence, asking the lawyer where they graduated or what bar association they belong to is a great idea. You can take this opportunity to also learn about their professional history. Have they ever been accused of malpractice? Have they ever been sanctioned? Having a professional lawyer with a clean slate can only benefit you.

Have you handled this type of case before?

This question helps you determine the lawyer’s experience. It is not enough to have an experienced lawyer. You need one that is experienced and knowledgeable in your case. Such a lawyer will be more efficient and offers a greater chance of a favorable outcome. If they are experienced in the charges against you, ask about the outcome.

What defense strategy will you use?

No lawyer can guarantee a specific outcome in any court case. That said, the lawyer should have a plan of defense. They should have an approach for proceeding with the case. The lawyer should explain the reason for choosing the approach to you. They should also outline the potential outcomes, including the merits and demerits of the strategy. The lawyer should also tell you what role to play in the process.

How long will the process take?

Lawyers usually have no control over the time length of a case. They do not determine the pace of the legal process. But based on their plan and strategy, they should be able to estimate a time length. It is important to have a timeframe so that you can mentally prepare.

What are the fees?

You need to understand the legal fees for your defense clearly. There are different costs apart from the lawyer’s fee. Legal costs vary from case to case. You may need to pay investigation and witness costs. The lawyer should also explain their pricing model, whether hourly or a flat rate. You should know what the fees are and what they cover. Request an estimate to have an idea of the financial implication of the defense.

Additionally, ask about communication. Find out how often you will be able to communicate with the lawyer. When you have questions during the process, how will you contact them? You want to be able to reach your lawyer when you have questions. They should also be in touch as frequently as necessary.

These questions and the right answers can help you feel prepared once the legal process starts.